Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Consult the implementation report of national solidarity fund for the fight against coronavirus and its economic and social repercussions

Publié le : 23/07/21 11:38

The Coronavirus pandemic that started in Asia and spread to Europe finally reached Cameroon in March 2020.

In order to contain the spread of this pandemic and mitigate its disastrous consequences on the populations and the entire economic and social fabric, the Government adopted a medium-term strategy of resilience and socio-economic support over the 2020-22 period, in parallel with the social distancing measures equally taken.

This strategy includes five pillars, namely: (i) the health response to prevent the spread of the pandemic and take care of infected persons; (ii) mitigation of the economic and financial repercussions of the pandemic through support measures for the affected industries and sectors; (iii) the supply of essential products; (iv) research and innovation for the development of endogenous solutions to the crisis and (v) social resilience to mitigate the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on vulnerable individuals and households.

To achieve these objectives, a Special Allocation Account entitled “Special National Solidarity Fund for the fight against the coronavirus and its economic and social repercussions” was created for its financing, better accounting monitoring and transparent management of these resources, in accordance with the rules of transparency as well as the budgetary procedures and controls provided for by the laws and regulations in force. The expenditures of the Covid-19 SAA are divided into four (04) programmes which are in line with the aforementioned strategy. These are (i) strengthening the health system, (ii) economic and financial resilience, (iii) strengthening research and innovation and (iv) social resilience and strategic supply.

This report, which is a response to a commitment made by the Government to ensure transparency in the management of funds allocated to the Covid-19 response, gives account of the financial execution resulting from the implementation of programmes, actions and activities of the Covid-19 SAA for the 2020 fiscal year. It has three main parts. (i) -The first presents the institutional and technical mechanism put in place to ensure the management of the fund. (ii) – The second deals with the budgetary execution of the various allocations granted to the various
administrations involved. (iii) -The third presents the detailed situation by administration.