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Official launching ceremony of the 2023 budget: Douala a strategic site

  “The choice of the Littoral Region to host this important event in the budgetary life of our country is not insignificant. As the economic pillar of the country, this region has every year the heavy responsibility of carrying the budget of the State by the level of resources it mobilizes. This year, as you

The 2023 “citizen budget” is available

It is, in plain English, the simplified version of the finance law for the year 2023. Designed for the general public, in a language devoid of any technicality in French and English, the document is available and downloadable on the website of the Directorate General of Budget. This publication highlights the data and information useful

Minfi sets the stage for the execution, monitoring and control of the execution of the 2023 finance law

In a circular signed on 30 December 2022, the Minister of Finance (MINFI), Mr. Louis PAUL MOTAZE, gave the main guidelines on the execution of the finance law for the 2023 budgetary year. At the outset, MINFI recalls the context in which the 2023 budget law is being implemented. Indeed, at the national level, the

The settlement law of Cameroon for the year 2021 is available

On 27 December 2022, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, promulgated the Settlement Law of the Republic of Cameroon for the year 2021. Indeed, the settlement law is the law of recognition of the last executed finance law. The settlement law 2021 Consult the settlement law 2021

The President of the Republic of Cameroon promulgates the 2023 Finance Law

On Tuesday 27 December 2022, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya promulgated Cameroon’s finance law for the year 2023. The State budget for the year 2023 in resources and uses at 6345,100,000,000 billion CFA francs of which 6274,800,000,000 CFA francs for the general budget and 70,300,000,000 CFA francs for the special accounts.

Workshop to share experiences and best practices of the network of management control coordinators

A three-day workshop to share experiences and best practices of the network of management control coordinators has begun today the 6th of December 2022, in Yaounde at SUITA hotel Bastos.Mr. ONDOA Frederic, Head of the Training and Information Systems Unit at the Division of Budget Reforms in the Ministry of Finance, presided at the opening

2023 Finance Law : the draft finance law provides for a budget of CFAF 6,345.1 billion

The government has just tabled the Cameroon Finance Bill for the year 2023 for consideration by Parliament. The State budget is balanced in terms of resources and charges at CFAF 6 345.1 billion against CFAF 6 080.4 billion in 2022, an increase of CFAF 264.7 billion, representing a rate of 4.4% compared to 2022. The

The network of management control coordinators will soon meet on best practices of management control

For two weeks now some Ministries (MINFI, MINEPAT, MINESUP, MINSANTE, MINEPIA, MINADER, MINTSS, MINPROFF) in collaboration with GIZ, under the Support Programme for the Modernisation of Public Finances, have been working prior to the workshop on the sharing of experiences and best practices of the network of management control coordinators.The first scoping meeting chaired by

Audit of the floating debt: The Minister of Finance extends the deadline for the submission of claims confirmation documents

Within the framework of the on-going debt confirmation operation, the Minister of Finance recalls that as a result of the relatively low participation of creditors in producing the additional documents required for the processing of their pre-selected files, an appropriate mechanism has been put in place in the premises of his ministry in Yaounde Block

The State Budget Execution Review as at June 2022 is available

Budget execution during the first half of 2022 is characterized by a satisfactory level of mobilization of budgetary resources. Established at 2 750.7 billion CFAF, budgetary resources represent 46.0% of the annual estimate of 5 977.7 billion CFAF. By component, oil revenue represents 49.9% of the annual estimate LFR and non-oil revenue was 49.8%, of which 50.9% was