Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


The Calendar for the Publication of Public Finance Statistics 2023 is available

Published on : 16/02/23 5:36 PM

The Minister of Finance, His Excellency Louis PAUL MOTAZE, signed on Monday 13 February 2023, the Calendar for the publication of Public Finance Statistics 2023. This is not just a catalogue of intentions. It is the materialisation of a clear will to establish transparency in the management of Public Finances in Cameroon as a central pillar of Governance.

Indeed, since the adoption of the law of 11 July 2018 on the Code of Transparency and Good Governance in the management of public finances (CTBG) in Cameroon, schedules for the publication of public finance statistics have been drawn up, signed, published with rigorous monitoring of their implementation. This document serves as a compass by indicating precisely the documents to be published, the contents, the publication period, the persons responsible and the place of publication. In the midst of an administration undergoing a digital transformation, the preferred channels of dissemination are the websites of the Ministry of Finance ( and the Directorate General of Budget ( However, these documents are generally widely disseminated through other channels in order to reach the various target audiences.

« The publication schedule of public finance statistics commits each administration to participate in budgetary transparency as advocated by the CTBG and the various evaluation agencies of the public finance management system in Cameroon », explains Mrs. MANGA Félicité Linda, Head of the Budgetary Accounts Consolidation Unit of the Budgetary Reform Division.

Let us recall that the Code of Transparency and Good Governance in the management of public finances (CTBG) in Cameroon enjoins the administration to take all necessary measures to publish information on public finances. Section 47 (3) of the said code specifies that « a special text, taken before the beginning of the budgetary year, shall publish the timetable for the dissemination of information ». It is therefore in application of this legal provision that the Minister of Finance has systematised the elaboration and publication of the public finance statistics calendar.