Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Exceptional reform, exceptional implementation. Cameroon entered a new era in its budgetary history by passing the law of 26 December 2007 on the State’s financial regime. Prepared for many years, rigorously planned within a strategic and operational document endorsed at the highest level, steered by clearly identified bodies, this reform mobilizes the entire State apparatus to promote the conditions for the emergence of results-oriented public management. Like any reform of this scale, its success depends on the support of the actors and their appropriation of the new practices and managerial culture that will result from it. To answer to this challenge, the authorities have put in place a change management approach and system, including a communication strategy, a training plan, support and monitoring of the system transformations.

It is in this globality of reflection and action that the movement underway in Cameroon today is resolutely innovative.