Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Trend of major investissement projects


Project title Objective Project cost and Financing Implementation status
1 Lom Pangar Hydroelectric Power Plant Produce 30 MW of energy Billions The impoundment was carried out in 2016. Work on a 30 Mw hydroelectric power plant is in progress. Commissioning is scheduled for July 2019.
2 Memve’ele Hydroelectric Dam Increase energy supply by 211Mw Billions The dam and power plant works are fully completed. Partial commissioning is effective. The full commissioning of the project is linked to the completion of the energy evacuation line, including

the execution is 65%

3 Mekin Hydroelectric Dam Increase energy supply by 15 Mw Billions The construction of the dam is completed and the water level is effective. Commissioning is imminent.
4 Hydroelectric dam from Birni to Warak Increase energy supply by 75Mw Billions The access roads to the sites have been built. The work must be completed in 48 months, with delivery expected by 2021-2022.
5 Second Bridge over Wouri Fluidify trade in the city of Douala by reducing traffic on the 1st bridge Billions Partial provisional acceptance took place on 31 May 2018. The full commissioning of the project is scheduled for the end of 2018.
6 Development of the east and west entrances to the city of Douala Sanitize and relieve congestion at the entrances and exits of the economic capital Billions The eastern entrance to Douala is already completed and traffic is open. The West Entrance project was received on September 28, 2018. Work on lighting and signalling is nearing completion.


Project title Objective Cost of the project and Financing Implementation status

7 Motorway Yaoundé-Nsimalen (open country section) Establishment of a high-speed road from the Airport to the city centre 39.8 Billion Over 85% of the work is carried out. They will be completed before June 2019.
8 Motorway Yaoundé-Douala (1st phase Yaoundé–Bibodi) Establishment of a high-speed road between the two capitals 280 Billion The work is about 64% complete.
9 Kribi industrial port complex (26,000 hectares, or 260 km²) Permit the berthing of deep-draught vessels; and encourage the development of industrial and mining projects (iron, aluminum, alumina, liquefied natural gas) Phase 1: 285 Billion Ships and container carriers have already been received by the port. Traffic started in March 2018
10 Improve the supply and quality of public water services in the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings. 588.89 Billion At this date, the work is about 30% complete. Their completion is expected by December 2019.
  • Source : MINEPAT data