Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


The Ministry of Finance assists the Regions in the preparation of their first program budget

Published on : 23/05/21 2:35 AM

For a better efficiency of the budget preparation process of the Regions. In order to harmonize this approach at the national level, a joint team from MINDDEVEL and MINEPAT, the Ministry of Finance, accompanied the said Regions from April 6 to 15, 2021 in the elaboration of their budgets through advisory support and with a view to linking them to program-based budgeting.

The overall objective of this activity was to accompany the regional executives on the appropriation of the process of preparation, presentation, execution and control of the execution of regional budgets.

Regarding action training

Specifically, it was about :

  1. Develop and validate training modules and agree on the format of regional budgets;
  2. Upgrade the pool of trainers;
  3. Define the programs and actions of the regions in order to agree on the structuring of the latter, with a view to harmonizing them in the ten (10) regions;
  4. Train the heads of the Regional Council executives and their main collaborators on the importance of developing the budget in program mode;
  5. Train regional executives on the process of preparing, presenting, executing and monitoring the execution of regional budgets in program mode;
  6. Train regional executives to conduct the entire budgeting process effectively on their own.

With regard to accompaniment, in a practical way, the following objectives were aimed at:

1) to assist regional executives in preparing their budget documents to date: Budget, Annual Performance Project (APP) and others;

2) provide adequate support to regional executives in the appropriation of methodological tools for budget execution in program mode;

3) to enable the Regions to have good medium-term visibility (3 years) and to help them prepare budgetary framework documents.

In order to achieve these objectives, the methodology used was done in two phases. A preparatory phase which consisted essentially of documentary research, the development and validation of technical documents necessary for the mission, and the phase of the mission itself which was devoted to training and coaching on site to help the Regions to have budget documents for the 2021 fiscal year.