Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


The 2020 settlement bill draft is on the table of legislators

Published on : 27/11/21 9:54 AM

The Cameroonian Parliament has been convened in ordinary session to examine, among other things, the 2022 finance bill and its annexes. Among the documents to be examined is the 2020 settlement bill draft .

The settlement law draft is the law establishing the last executed finance law. As such, it :

adopts the results of the budgetary and general accounts for the financial year in question and gives discharge to the Government;

makes any changes to the appropriations that may be necessary, in particular by :

– ratifying the appropriations made by ordinance subsequent to the last Finance Act for that year;

– opening, for each programme concerned, the appropriations necessary to regularise the overruns noted on the estimated appropriations; 

– cancelling appropriations that have not been used;

– increasing the amount of the authorised overdraft to the level of the overdraft recorded in an annexed budget or a trade account.