Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Capacity building of CAS-COVID-19 actors

Published on : 6/05/21 3:28 AM

Under the supervision of the Director General of the Budget, and the coordination of the Head of the Division of Budgetary Control, Audit and Quality of Expenditure, was held on Wednesday, September 09, 2020 at the Hotel Djeuga Palace, the capacity building workshop of the actors of CAS-COVID-19

This workshop results from the optimal implementation of the provisions of the Circular n°00000220/C/MINFI of July 22, 2020 specifying the modalities of organization, operation and monitoring-evaluation of the Special Fund of National Solidarity for the Fight against the Coronavirus and its economic and social impacts.

The objective of the workshop is to strengthen the capacities of all the actors of the Ministry of Finance involved in the processing of CAS-COVID-19 files and in particular to equip and sensitize them on

  • the optimal use of PROBMIS CAS-COVID-19 ;
  • the role of the various stakeholders in CAS-COVID-19;
  • CAS-COVID-19 reporting.

In addition to the officials of the Ministry of Finance, the experts of the SI-IC Company, all invited in accordance with the invitation of September 7, 2020 of the Minister of Finance, took part.

The Yaoundé meeting allowed first to present the CAS-COVID-19 integrated software package and then to proceed to the simulation and practical tests on the use of this application.

The presentation of the CAS-COVID-19 integrated software package highlighted the role of MINFI officials involved in CAS-COVID-19. From this presentation, it emerged that the CAS-COVID-19 software package is a device designed for the transparency, traceability, fluidity, sincerity, and security of CAS COVID-19 operations. It allows:

  • dematerialization of physical media ;
  • the integration of all processes and ;
  • simplification of consolidation and reporting.

The simulation was based on a concrete example from the expression of needs to the payment:

  • Expression of needs by the focal points to the sectoral Ministers;
  • Referral to the Minister in charge of Finance by letter accompanied by the draft acts underlying the planned expenditure;
  • Examination of the order letter or contract by the Financial Controller of the streamlined circuit on the basis of the PM’s distribution decree;
  • Apposition of the “Budgetary Visa” in case of conformity and return of the project to the sectoral ministry for signature and registration;
  • Receipt of the service provider and legal liquidation of the expenditure by the sectoral ministries;
  • Transmission of the final package to the Ministry in charge of Finance for commitment, technical liquidation, authorization and payment of the expenditure.

At the end of the workshop, recommendations were made to ensure the optimal functioning of the CAS-COVID-19 software package. These include its alignment with the various accounting standards and principles in force in the accounting departments and the support of experts for users of this software package.