Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


End of 2020 State budget commitments and authorizations

Published on : 4/12/20 7:42 AM

The Minister of Finance, Mr Louis Paul Motaze, has just signed an important instrument: Service memo on the closure of commitments and payment authorizations for the budget year 2020. In this memo issued on 5 November, MINFI notifies financial controllers and public accountants that the dates for stopping commitment, authorisation and treasury operations on the State budget and other public entities, for the 2020 financial year is set as follows:

  • Monday 30 November 2020, for the closure of commitments;
  • Thursday, 31 December 2020, for the closure of payment authorizations;
  • Sunday 31 January 2021, for the supplementary accounting period, for the settlement of the authorizations and closing operations of the 2020 financial year.

Through this administrative instrument, MINFI enjoins financial controllers and public accountants to sensitize authorizing officers so that they take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with this regulatory measure. This note aims at ensuring greater rationality in the execution of public budgets.

As a reminder, this note comes within the scope of the 2020 financial year operations, as provided for by the provisions of Law No. 2018/012 of 11 July 2018 relating to the Fiscal Regime of the State in its Section 62 (2).