Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


DGB trains actors of the payment chain

Published on : 6/05/22 11:14 AM

From 27 to 28 May 2021, a workshop on the Method of Payment (MDR) chain was held at the Djeuga Palace in Yaounde.

In effect, in order to strengthen the capacities of the actors of the said chain and to harmonize the technical process of authentication of documents in the MDR file, the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the General Delegation for National Security and the Ministry of Justice joined forces to discuss the related issues in order to find adequate solutions. 

Under the coordination of Mr. SIMO KENGNE Robert, Director of Personnel and Pension Expenditure (DDPP), the subjects dealt with were essentially the mode of recovery of salaries paid into the accounts of the deceased and the related rehabilitation operations, as well as the processing of advance payment orders for heirs, the terms and conditions for issuing certificates of non-indebtedness, problems related to the voluntary retirement of civil servants and State employees working abroad, the failure to redeem debts in credit institutions, as well as identity theft and bank domiciliation; (the diversion and usurpation of identity for salary domiciliation).

The said seminar was held in view of the many shortcomings and anomalies noted by MINFI through the Directorate of Personnel Expenditure and Pensions in the elaboration of the mode of payment, notably the change of bank domiciliation, non-authenticated and non-approved certificates of non-indebtedness, uncontrolled allocation of inheritance advance orders leading to financial embezzlement, usurpation of titles and national identity cards by crooked individuals, embezzlement of public funds, failure to respect the deadline for submitting files to the sworn services of the Salaries Department of the Ministry of Finance     

At the end of the discussions, measures were taken both at the level of MINFI and the Ministry of Justice. Thus, among the recommendations

 MINFI must imperatively enforce circular N°00995/MINFI/DS of 27/04/1999 relating to the securing of salaries and pensions of the deceased in the coffers of the public Treasury and implement the provisions of circular N°0004962/MINFI/SG of 14/11/2013 relating to the issuance of certificates of non-indebtedness by credit institutions. In addition, update and digitize the ANTILOPE system, track down fugitive and fictitious agents in credit institutions, carry out a census of deceased persons in credit institutions and then publish the list of the latter on the DGB website. In addition, all bank rejections will henceforth be deposited at the DGTCFM at Room R22. In addition, when a branch code is set up in a credit institution, the agreement of the National Economic and Financial Committee (CNEF) will be required.

The Ministry of Justice should organize an explanatory seminar in conjunction with MINFI on the system of inheritance orders.

As for the DGSN, its monitoring and alert role for the security of goods and persons remains relevant.