Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Consult the practical guide for salary and pension processing in the Cameroonian administration

Published on : 3/12/21 11:07 AM

The Practical Guide for the Processing of Salaries and Pensions is a pedagogical document that provides information on procedures and practices in the area of salary processing. It is designed to be made available to government departments, and more specifically to the actors in the salary chain. It is part of the improvement of the administrative procedures manual for the processing of salaries and pensions published in July 2009, which was aimed at the user. This manual, which is part of the implementation of the government’s policy in terms of celerity, reception, information, orientation of users and transparency in the processing of files, has highlighted the need to develop a guide geared towards the actors in charge of managing and processing salaries.

The aim of this guide is to be a reference point from which the staff in charge of processing salaries will draw inspiration in order to understand and process any type of file. It also makes it possible to record the history of salaries, which has undergone changes in both its structure and procedures. In short, its role is to codify procedures, unify and standardize pay practices in all ministries, while recalling the historical facts that may affect the current processing of files.

The guide was drawn up using a participatory approach, making it possible to establish this new tool as an essential reference point for all those involved in the salary chain, based on discussions between old and new actors.

Written in a clear style to make its content easier to understand, this guide provides salary officers with all the information they need to process all types of files with peace of mind. The availability of such a document is all the more important since, with the devolution of salaries, there is a multiplicity of actors eager to learn about public finance in ministries, without forgetting that the high rotation rate of staff assigned to pay in these ministries, increases the usefulness of a practical guide.

I remain convinced that this reference document will provide the necessary elements to address the multiple concerns of actors in the pay chain and will improve the quality of spending,” concluded the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze.