Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Consult the circular on the implementation of the 2019 budget.

Published on : 4/12/20 7:40 AM

On 28 December, Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze signed the Circular of Instruction on the execution of finance laws, monitoring and control of the execution of the budget of the State and other public entities for the financial year 2019.

A true compass for the monitoring and control of budget execution for the financial year 2019, this circular focuses on the measures that must effectively contribute to the satisfactory implementation of the State’s budgetary policy. These are based on two pillars, namely the axes of the budgetary policy and the modalities, procedures and tools for the execution of public budgets for the financial year 2019.

To this end, the Government’s policy will focus on quality and rigour in the management of the budget and other public entities. This year will focus on strengthening the achievements in the economic and social fields, as well as in the areas of governance and performance. Government policy will also focus on consolidating the gains made in the area of decentralisation. To this end, the circular calls for the continued implementation of the institutional and structural reforms under way, speeding up the pace of execution of major structural projects and ensuring the completion of the various infrastructure projects. The ongoing consolidation and control of public finances should be pursued through improved planning and budgetary transparency, a substantial improvement in the quality of public expenditure and the strengthening of budget revenue collection.

It should be recalled that the implementation of the Economic and Financial Programme concluded with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since June 2017 is continuing in a generally satisfactory manner. The third review received a favourable opinion from the Fund’s Executive Board on 17 December.