Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


Calendar for the publication of 2021 public finance statistics

Published on : 2/05/21 2:50 AM

Law N0. 2018/011 of 11 July 2018 on the Code of Transparency and Good Governance in the Management of Public Finances in Cameroon (CTGB) enjoins the administration to take all necessary measures to publish information on public finances. To this end, Sect. 47 (3) of the Code specifies that “a special instrument, adopted before the beginning of the budgetary year, shall publish the timetable for the dissemination of information”.

It should be noted that the publication calendar of public finance statistics commits each government department to participate in budget transparency as advocated by the CTGG and the various international agencies evaluating Cameroon’s public finance management system.

In application of this legal requirement, the present calendar, like the previous ones, has been drawn up with the contribution and collaboration of certain stakeholders in the budgetary process and in the Government’s economic policy.