Ministère des Finances du Cameroun


MINFI and MINDDEVEL set the budget calendar of Regional and Local Authorities

Published on : 23/05/21 2:41 AM

The Joint Order N°000031/AC/MINDDEVEL/MINFI of 03 March 2021 establishing the Budgetary Calendar of Regional and Local Authorities is available.

It determines and highlights the major annual stages of preparation, voting and approval of the budgets of Regional Councils, Town Councils and Councils. The decree also identifies the actors and structures responsible for these stages and recalls the key dates of the process of preparing the said budgets by establishing the calendar of the main related activities.

In accordance with this decree, it is the Secretary General of Regional and Local Authorities who ensures the coordination of the preparation of the draft budget, under the authority and responsibility of the head of the executive body. To this end, the budget of the local authority results from its development priorities as defined in its planning documents, and is aligned with the strategic orientations of the State. It is part of a medium-term budgetary framework and programming approach. Thus, the preparation of the following year’s budget is part of a continuous process that begins on 1 January of the current year and ends with its approval during the current year.

The process of preparing the budget of the Regional and Local Authorities which ends with its approval comprises four (04) phases, namely:

  • preparatory phase
  • budgetary framework and medium term expenditure programming phase
  • detailed budget preparation phase
  • adoption and approval phase.